Updates for PieCloudDB Database: Further Enhancements in Functionality and Improved Security Mechanisms
MARCH 08TH, 2024

Part 1: Latest Updates on PieCloudDB Database


  • Metacache Service Function Iteration 

PieCloudDB implements the MetaCache service and supports caching process information, which greatly improves the performance of snapshot operations and speeds up query response. 


  • LocalCache’s Staging Function 

PieCloudDB local cache cleaning strategy adds a phased function with more refined granularity, and a new cache hit rate display function pdb_get_local_cache_hit_rate(). 


  • Added mTLS Security Mechanism 

PieCloudDB Cloud on Cloud version adds Mutual Transport Layer Security (mTLS) mechanism, which effectively improves the security of network communications, prevents threats such as man-in-the-middle attacks, data tampering, and information leakage, and empowers isito's 7-layer network management and control capabilities for cross-cluster RPC, such as offloading, grayscale, load balancing, etc. 


  • Added New Product Compatibility Certification Certificate 

PieCloudDB recently completed the compatibility certification test with OpenCloudOS and TencentOS Server, further consolidating the degree of domestic compatibility and adaptability, helping enterprise customers establish independent and controllable technology systems, and create leading data computing solutions around business scenarios. 


Part 2: Recent News on OpenPie 


  • OpenPie Comes to Peking University 

OpenPie teamed up with the COPU China PostgreSQL Association to create database kernel development from introductory to advanced content. After review, it successfully entered the open source development practice public elective course framework for graduate students of Peking University. Jack Wu, Product Marketing Director of OpenPie, will serve as one of the lecturers to teach on the principles of query optimizer. 

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  • PostgreSQL 2023 Code Contribution List Released, OpenPie Takes One Seat 

In 2023, 90% of the new code for PostgreSQL was completed by 50 people. Richard Guo, a technical expert from OpenPie, is one of them and has been on the list for two consecutive years, which fully illustrates the technical strength of the OpenPie. 

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  • OpenPie Technical Expert is officially Recognized as Contributor by PostgreSQL 

Richard Guo, a technical expert from OpenPie, was officially recognized by PostgreSQL and became a member of PostgreSQL Contributors. According to statistics, Richard is currently the only two Chinese among PG Contributors. 


Part 3: Hot Topics in the Database Industry 

  • Shocking Release of Sora, A Leap Forward in Generative AI 

OpenAI officially released the Wensheng video model Sora on February 15. While ensuring video quality, it can generate videos of up to 60 seconds based on text descriptions provided by users. 


  • Snowflake CEO Announces Retirement, Stock Plummets 20% 

Snowflake reported revenue guidance that was lower than expected. On February 28, its CEO Frank Slootman decided to retire. Overnight, Snowflake's stock price plummeted more than 20% in after-hours trading. 


  • MariaDB Faces Takeover Proposal 

On February 19, MariaDB disclosed that it had received a provisional acquisition offer from private equity firm K1 Investment Management, with a total transaction value of approximately $37 million. 

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