Build unbreakable virtual

data warehouses with optimal cloud

resource allocations.

Release the infinite data computing possibilities.
Data Warehouse
Integrate physical data warehouses into a cloud-native data computing platform.By dynamically creating virtual data warehouses based on data authorization, supports the data and computation needs of larger models, increases the computable data space by an order of magnitude, and reduces the cost of data warehousing by an order of magnitude.
It can be installed on any IaaS cloud and bare metal according to customer needs. With this multi-cloud deployment that is not restricted to infrastructure, businesses can connect multi-cloud data pipelines, eliminate reliance on specific IaaS clouds, and gain bargaining power over cloud resources.
PieCloudDB provides enterprise-level transparent data encryption. It uses real-time encryption, strong algorithms, multi-level keys, and other technologies to protect data security. PieCloudDB also supports comprehensive security and permission management, including database and table-level authorization management.
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