Policy on Cookie
Policy on Cookie and Similar Technologies
Version date:October 24, 2022
I. What is a Cookie
A Cookie is a small data file placed on your computer or other equipment when you visit a website, including a small amount of information downloaded to your browser or equipment when you visit certain URLs. It not only allows us to understand some of the website use, but also enables you to browse the page more efficiently, such as remembering your use preferences to improve your browsing experience overall. In order to ensure the normal operation of the website or the OpenPie platform application, and to provide you with a more comfortable experience, we will store Cookies or similar technologies on your computer or mobile equipment.
II. The purposes for which we use Cookies and similar technologies
Cookies enable us to serve you in a better and faster way, and make your service experience on the OpenPie platform more personalized. We use our ownCookies or similar technologies for the following purposes:
(1) Store your preferences and settings.
(2) Analyze your use of our services or products, including your visits.
III. How to control and delete Cookies
By default, many browsers can accept Cookies. If you wish to disable Cookies, you can configure your browser: choose to reject “Cookie”.
You can reject or manage Cookies and similar technologies through your browser or user selection mechanism. However, please note that if you disable Cookies and similar technologies, we may not be able to provide you with the best service experience, and some services may not work properly.
IV. Similar technologies
As of the release date of this policy, the OpenPie platform website has not used other similar technologies. If relevant technologies are involved in the future, they will be announced and this policy will be updated.
V. Changes in thePolicy on Cookie and Similar Technologies
We will update thisPolicy on Cookie and Similar Technologies according to the actual situation to reflect changes in our actual operations and services. When we release changes in thisPolicy on Cookie and Similar Technologies, we will modify the corresponding “version date”.