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Openpie is dedicated to "Data Computing for New Discoveries" and has successfully completed three rounds of strategic financing. Securing investments from Tencent, Soochow Securities Co., Ltd., and SIP Oriza PE Fund Management Co., LTD., within a short period of only 10 months since its establishment. OpenPie aims to become a world-class high-tech innovation-driven institution in the field of data computing.

OpenPie's flagship product, PieCloudDB realizes cutting-edge data warehouse virtualization technology to replace traditional multi data warehouse with one unified data warehouse. This breakthrough technology is designed to connect multi-cloud data pipelines, and data computing resources can be extremely rapid scaling (scale-out or scale-up) on-demand, providing an infinite data computing resource while reducing data warehouse costs. OpenPie aims to build a rock-solid, cloud-native virtual data warehouse that is high-security, high-reliability, and high-availability, empowering businesses to develop and move towards sustainability. To become an exemplar for the next generation of data computing infrastructure.
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