Unleashing the Power of Data: OpenPie Partners with China PostgreSQL Association to Launch Graduate Elective Courses at Peking University
MARCH 01ST, 2024

In order to promote the dissemination of basic software in Chinese universities, further improve the learning and development practical ability of graduate students in basic software, and cultivate database research and development talents, OpenPie teamed up with the COPU China PostgreSQL Association to visit Peking University and work with national characteristic demonstrators school of software: School of Software and Microelectronics, has cooperated to create and teach the 2024 postgraduate public elective course "PostgreSQL Kernel Development: From Beginner to Advanced". 


This course was initiated by Professor Qi Jing of Peking University and the COPU to collect excellent courses for domestic first-class technology companies and has been successfully carried out for three years. In 2024, OpenPie teamed up with the China PostgreSQL Association to elaborately organize the new semester's database kernel development from introductory to advanced content. After review, it successfully entered the open source development practice public elective course framework for graduate students at Peking University. The opening report meeting for public elective courses was successfully held on February 20. 


This course is 16 weeks long and includes a total of 32 class hours. It teaches three parts: data encryption, data access, and optimizer principles & practices of the database. Among them, Jack Wu the product marketing director of OpenPie, served as a lecturer in the "Optimizer Principles & Practices" section. Combined with the cloud native virtual data warehouse PieCloudDB Database's experience in building cloud native optimizers, the open source database PostgreSQL will be used as a practical database to teach the basic principles and workflow of the query optimizer. Over four weeks, students will learn how to use statistics and cost models to evaluate different query execution plans and select the best execution path. We'll also discuss common query optimization techniques, including index selection, join algorithms, and predicate pushdown. 


OpenPie has been committed to promoting industry-university-research cooperation through various means such as organizing  the 'Campus Pie' series of events, collaborating with universities on courses, and establishing joint laboratories. By sharing cutting-edge technologies, industrial case studies, and applications, it hopes that to foster further integration between academia and industry, and provide greater support for nurturing and fostering a platform for talent development and exchange in the field of databases. In the new year, OpenPie will continue to work hard and move forward in the creation of products, business and ecology! 

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