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Digital TransformationService

DTX Lab, a laboratory under OpenPie, relies on cloud-native data computing platform as its engine. In the fields of digital transformation counseling, efficient development of digital applications, and analysis, mining, and data-driven development of enterprise data, DTX Lab outputs digitalization methods and practices for enterprises through forms such as application development, software tools, technology communities, and consulting services.

Data Science Service

Data Science Lab designs data-driven business scenario frameworks for enterprises, empowering them to create value through AI, machine learning, and business intelligence. Leveraging the powerful capabilities of the PieCloudDB cloud-native data computing platform, the team's professional mathematical model methodology and technology enterprises to truly focus on mining the value of data from massive data and high-speed computing.

Product SubscriptionService

OpenPie provides comprehensive professional services in product technology and consulting planning for users who have purchased product subscriptions. Based on user needs, OpenPie provides an optimal solution. Enabling enterprise customers to obtain comprehensive product empowerment, continuous product capability upgrades, and round-the-clock product failure service response.


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