90% of New Code of PostgreSQL is Written by Just 50 People, Proudly OpenPie Takes One Seat

As one of the most popular open source databases in the world, PostgreSQL won the DB-Engines DBMS of the Year 2023. However, its number of global committers has remained at a small number (about 30 people) for a long time, and Chinese people are rarely included in the global contributor list . OpenPie has long been participating in the product and ecological construction of the PostgreSQL community with its strong technical capabilities and high-quality and high-quantity code contributions. 

Robert Haas, Chief Database Scientist at EnterpriseDB, is a major contributor to PostgreSQL and has been involved in PostgreSQL code submission, review, and merge work as a PostgreSQL Committer since 2009. Since 2017, Robert has been counting PostgreSQL contributors for 8 consecutive years, and mentioned in his blog post "Who Contributed to PostgreSQL Development in 2023" published on January 29: 


"In 2023, 66% of the new lines of code were contributed by one of 18 people, and 90% of the new lines of code were contributed by one of 50 people."


Among these 50 major contributors, there are only 2 Chinese, and OpenPie technical expert Richard Guo is one of them. This is the second year that Richard has been on the list. 

OpenPie Richard Guo has been listed as a major contributor to PostgreSQL for two consecutive years

According to Robert's statistics, in 2023, Richard contributed 1,710 lines of code to PostgreSQL, submitted 40 Commits, and ranked 25th on the list. In the statistics of 2022, Richard is also on the list of major code contributors, ranking 38th among the 40 major code contributors with 1071 lines of code and 24 Commits. 


Since Robert's statistics only include the Principle Author involved in Commits, Richard's contribution is far more than that. According to statistics, the number of Commits Richard has participated in in PostgreSQL 16 version is 118. 


In addition to Richard, many R&D colleagues of OpenPie have made code contributions to multiple versions of PostgreSQL. Especially in the release of PostgreSQL 16, there were a total of 33 contributors from China, and OpenPie occupied 5 of them, ranking first in China with nearly half of the total number of Commits. 

OpenPie's contribution to PostgreSQL 16 ranks first in China

Regardless of the quality or quantity of code contribution, the OpenPie team continues to lead PostgreSQL China's contribution. This achievement fully demonstrates the technical strength of the OpenPie team and the corporate culture of embracing openness. 

PostgreSQL Community Code Contribution Medal of Appreciation received by OpenPie

In addition to the PostgreSQL community, OpenPie has also been active in open source communities such as PostgreSQL, ClickHouse, Kubernetes, and Spark in various forms such as code contributions and lectures, and has used its long-term accumulated technical capabilities to contribute to the cloud-native virtual data warehouse PieCloudDB Database, bringing users a more flexible, safer, and easier-to-use experience and performance features. In the future, the OpenPie team will continue to work hard to innovate on the road of technology and lead the industry forward. 

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