Discover the Latest October Updates of PieCloudDB: A Cloud-Native Virtual Data Warehouse
OCTOBER 18TH, 2023

First Part: Latest Updates on PieCloudDB Database 


  • PieCloudDB Compression Efficiency Improvement 


In order to save storage space and reduce user storage costs, PieCloudDB continuously optimizes compression efficiency. The related features includes: 


  1. Support for Run Length Encoding (RLE) on HLL (HyperLogLog) 
  2. ZSTD (Zstandard) as the default compression algorithm 
  3. Support for encoding methods such as Dict Encoding and Delta Encoding to reduce file size 


PieCloudDB will continue to iterate in future versions to help users reduce costs and increase efficiency. 


  • Support for Configuring Whitelist in External Connection Tool PieProxy 


PieCloudDB Cloud on Cloud(CoC) Edition supports configuring IP whitelists and user whitelists in the external connection tool, PieProxy, to restrict the access scope of external access functionality. The effective range is formed by taking the intersection of the IP whitelist and the user whitelist. 


After configuring the whitelist, IPs or users outside the whitelist will be unable to access externally. The IP whitelist uses CIDR notation (e.g. to represent an IP address range, and it supports mixed filling of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. 

  • Upgrade of Expenses Module  


PieCloudDB CoC Edition's expenses module has been upgraded. The organizational account now distinguishes between Bonus amounts and Recharge amounts, and supports invoice issuing functionality. 


The current invoice functionality supports issuing Value-Added Tax (VAT) e-Invoice including VAT e-invoices(Normal) and VAT e-invoices(Special). To issue a special invoice, Organization information ,including organization name, taxpayer identification number, bank information, and account number, is needed. After the financial department completes the information verification, an invoice can be applied for. 


Access Path: Console - Expenses - Invoice

  • Permission Management Optimization 


To effectively and securely manage database permissions and ensure consistency in permission operations, PieCloudDB Cloud Edition has added the following features: 


  1. One-click Transfer of Database Object Permissions Before Removing a User 
  2. One-click Clearing of Database Object Permissions Before Deleting a Role 


When a user is the owner of a database object, administrators must transfer the ownership of the database objects to a designated user before removing the user from the data warehouse. Similarly, when deleting a role that has been granted (not inherited) database object permissions, administrators need to first clear all the permissions granted to that role. 

  • Newly Added Audit Logs Feature 


PieCloudDB CoC Edition now includes an audit logs feature. To view the audit log, administrators need to enable the "Audit Switch" in the virtual data warehouse list. Additionally, the audit log and error log are integrated under the "Logs" feature. Administrators can navigate to the logs by clicking on "Logs" in the left menu or "View Log" in the virtual data warehouse. 

Part 2: Recent News on OpenPie 


  • OpenPie Made an Appearance at the 2023 INCLUSION·Conference on the Bund 


OpenPie Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Ray Von, as well as the Chairman of the 1024FOUNDATION and President of the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Shanghai Alumni Association, attended the 2023 INCLUSION·Conference on the Bund as a guest speaker. 


As an internationally renowned technology event, the summit brought together prominent economists, Nobel laureates, entrepreneurs, and technology experts around the world. Under the theme of "Technology for a Sustainable Future," they collectively explored key technologies that impact industrial development. The summit showcased industry insights, practical experiences, and the pursuit of sustainable development through technological and humanistic ideals in the context of a new wave of technological and industrial transformations. 

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  • Data Computing System (DataCS) for Large Models is Coming Soon 


On October 24th, the πDataCSOpenPie Annual Technology Forum will be held as scheduled. The highly anticipated πData Computing System (πDataCS), a powerful data computing system for large-scale models, will be unveiled at the forum. Aspires to become the foundational technology infrastructure for AI, it is backed by robust technical innovation and leading product capabilities. It is expected that the πDataCS will usher in a new paradigm for AI technology. Stay tuned and look forward to it! 


Part 3: Hot Topics in the Database Industry 


  • PostgreSQL Releases Version 16 


On September 14th, 2023, the PostgreSQL Global Development Team officially released version 16. This new version brings many exciting enhancements, with significant improvements in performance, query parallelism, bulk data loading, and logical replication. It provides numerous features for developers and administrators, which are expected to greatly improve their productivity. 


It is worth mentioning that among the contributors to this release, 33 of them are from China, with OpenPie accounting for 1/6 of the total contributors. Once again, OpenPie showcases its leading contribution to PostgreSQL in China, highlighting China's top-notch technological capabilities. 


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  • Greenplum Version 7 Officially Released 


The open-source OLAP database, Greenplum, has officially released version 7. This new version introduces additional features, including enhanced SQL support, improved distributed data management, data access and dataset capabilities, as well as enhanced security features. It also brings significant improvements in performance and usability. 

  • Databricks Completes $500 Million Series I Funding 


Databricks, a leading data and AI company, has successfully raised $500 million in its Series I funding round, valuing the company at $43 billion. This valuation represents a $5 billion increase from its previous valuation of $38 billion after the last funding round in August 2021. 


The funding round was led by existing investor T. Rowe Price Associates, with participation from several investors including Capital One Ventures, NVIDIA, Tiger Global,  Counterpoint Global (Morgan Stanley), and others. The significant investment reflects the confidence in Databricks' innovative solutions and its position in the data and AI market. 

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