PostgreSQL 16 Officially Released, OpenPie's Code Contributions Reveal China's Top-notch Technical Prowess
OCTOBER 12TH, 2023

Thanks to contributions from developers worldwide, PostgreSQL has grown into a mature and stable open-source database with a large global user and contributor base. On September 14, 2023, the PostgreSQL Global Development Team officially released PostgreSQL version 16. This new version brings numerous exciting features. It's worth mentioning that among the contributors to this release, there were a total of 33 individuals from China, with OpenPie’s R&D team contributing to 1/6 of them. 

As a leading product in the open-source database field, every update of PostgreSQL garners significant attention. In the acknowledgments list in this release, there are a total of 361 individuals globally who have contributed as patch authors, submitters, reviewers, testers, or issue reporters for version 16. Among them, the performance of contributors from China is remarkable, with 33 individuals participating. It is worth mentioning that, whether in terms of code contribution quality or quantity, OpenPie continues to lead in China's contributions to PostgreSQL. 

In this release, OpenPie has secured 5 seats among these 33 contributors, thanks to their outstanding technical expertise and professional dedication. These five contributors are:

  • Paul Guo, OpenPie CTO 
  • Richard Guo, OpenPie PieCloudDB Technical Expert 
  • Peifeng Qiu, OpenPie PieCloudDB Technical Expert 
  • Gang Wang, OpenPie PieCloudDB Technical Expert 
  • Jinbao Chen, OpenPie Product Manager

The contributions of OpenPie in this release showcase their deep technical expertise and dedication to the open-source community. OpenPie not only provided crucial support for the development of PostgreSQL 16 but also further strengthened China's position in the global open-source technology arena.

The official release of PostgreSQL 16 represents a significant milestone for PostgreSQL and marks a new chapter for the strength of open-source technology in China. OpenPie will continue to work tirelessly and looks forward to innovating further on the path of technology, leading the industry forward in the future. 

PostgreSQL Community Official News

The officially released PostgreSQL 16 has brought significant improvements in performance, query parallelism, bulk data loading, and logical replication. These enhancements include: 

  • Allow parallelization of FULL and internal right OUTER hash joins 
  • Allow logical replication from standby servers 
  • Allow logical replication subscribers to apply large transactions in parallel 
  • Allow monitoring of I/O statistics using the new pg_stat_io view 
  • Add SQL/JSON constructors and identity functions 
  • Improve performance of vacuum freezing 
  • Add support for regular expression matching of user and database names in pg_hba.conf, and user names in pg_ident.conf 

This version also offers numerous features for developers and administrators, including expanded SQL/JSON syntax, new monitoring statistics for workloads, and increased flexibility in defining access control rules and managing large teams. We believe that this new release of PostgreSQL will bring a comprehensive improvement to the user experience for its global user base.

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