2023 INCLUSION Conference on the Bund | OpenPie unveils detailed launch strategy for its large language model data computing system


Recently, OpenPie, a rising technology company specializing in global large language model (LLM) data computing and the most noteworthy newcomer according to iyiou.com, participated in the 2023 INCLUSION Conference on the Bund at the Shanghai Expo Park in Huangpu District. As a top international technology event, the 2023 INCLUSION conference with the theme of “Technology for a Sustainable Future” has attracted renowned economists, Nobel Prize laureates, entrepreneurs, and key technology opinion leaders from around the world to discuss critical industry-shaping technologies, compare ideas and practices from across the industry, and pursue a sustainable, human-centric technology future in the context of the next round of technological transformation and industry transition. Ray Von, Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of OpenPie, Chairman of the 1024Foundation, and President of the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Alumni Association Shanghai, was invited to address the conference as a keynote speaker.


Pictured: Ray Von, Founder and CEO of OpenPie, delivering a keynote speech.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is profoundly reshaping our times and LLMs continue to gain popularity. AI LLMs as a nationally-supported hardcore technology industry is on a sure path to success. The adoption of LLMs in different verticals naturally became a hot topic at the conference. Ray Von, Founder and CEO of OpenPie, said, “We are very honored to participate in the INCLUSION Conference to jointly explore the new frontiers of technology and to discuss the industry’s future with key technology opinion leaders, experts, and scholars.” The conference also brought together American scientist Michael I. Jordan, Zhang Hongjiang, and other experts in AI and LLMs. More than five academicians shared their views on the open source system for LLMs as well as the challenges and opportunities facing the foundation model.


 Pictured: 2023 INCLUSION Conference on the Bund.


In his keynote speech “LLM Data Computing System and Its Opportunities in the Financial Industry”, Ray Von claimed that the wave of LLM AI has contributed a new source of GDP growth. According to PwC’s research, AI is expected to contribute to nearly 1/4th of China’s GDP by 2030. This wave of growth will give rise to new startups in cloud-native LLM data computing, much as the wave of the PC era led to a number of tech giants such as Microsoft and Oracle. Regarding the financial industry, Ray Von said that emerging technology represented by LLM will have a far-reaching impact on its future development. Technology-enabled finance is not only about effectively integrating innovative technology into the financial industry to help it foster larger models, but also about focusing on demonstrating the application of LLM use cases and nurturing an innovation ecosystem to unlock the potential of fintech and greater value in the financial industry.


Pictured: From Big Data to an LLM Data Computing System.


In his speech, Ray Von noted that in the LLM data computing system, AI mathematical models, data, and compute power will seamlessly augment one another like never before, creating considerable social and economic benefits and generating a new source of productivity to promote high-quality social development. Enabling independent research and innovation of critical technologies and supporting general-purpose and vertical-specific LLMs will also become a key differentiator in seizing the first-mover advantage in AI. In the final part of his speech, Ray Von spoke on OpenPie’s brand positioning and product strategy, presenting his company’s innovations and performance in LLM technology. At the same time, he further elaborated on OpenPie’s technology strategy: deepen domain expertise in data computing systems, drive hardware-software integration, and develop comprehensive LLM-enabled solutions. In his own words, “the model is the constant behind all the changes, only due to higher-dimensional abstraction”. Based on this understanding, OpenPie has been focused on data computing since its inception and has been dedicated to building a world-leading, proprietary, and manageable LLM data computing system, designed to help enterprises optimize against the compute bottleneck and fully leverage massive data to build key technical barriers to entry that better secure their future growth. He announced that the πDataComputing System (πDataCS) will be released on October 24 at the company’s annual technology forum. Given its powerful innovation and compelling features, this new system is highly anticipated to become an underlying AI technology platform among industry. Ray Von believes that LLM data computing systems will create a new paradigm of AI technology.


The best is yet to come in this burgeoning technological transformation led by LLM technology...

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