Cloud-native Virtual Data Warehouse PieCloudDB Database April Update
APRIL 26TH, 2024

Part 1: Latest Updates on PieCloudDB Database

  • Local Cache Reuse 

In the latest version, PieCloudDB has enhanced the management of local cache file lifecycles. After a restart of the executor node, previously cached data files can be reused locally, saving bandwidth resources required for downloading data files from remote sources. This improvement significantly enhances the initial response time of queries. 


  • Interconnect Proxy Multi-process Support 

PieCloudDB now supports configuring multiple Interconnect Proxy processes for executor nodes in the latest version. The addition of multiple proxy processes enhances the cross-node networking capabilities of Interconnect, addressing the issue where excessive Interconnect traffic from certain queries can bottleneck the proxy process. 


Users can enable this feature through the "pdb_ic_proxy_num_worker = " configuration option when starting the cluster. 


  • Support Flink Connector 

PieCloudDB now supports interaction with Apache Flink through Flink Connector. This integration provides the capability to import data in real-time while ensuring precise one-time import semantics. Users can leverage the powerful computing and processing capabilities of Flink, thereby providing them with enhanced flexibility and scalability. 


  • Supports SQL Query on Multiple Types of Files 

PieCloudDB offers the capability to directly execute SQL queries on various file types such as CSV, Parquet, and JSON. This means that users can execute SQL query on the original files without the need for data import or transform. This simplifies the data processing workflow, releasing the value of data elements. 


  • Fully Support ARM 

PieCloudDB has the capability to fully support ARM architecture throughout the entire system. It is compatible with mainstream ARM chips and has successfully completed Huawei Kunpeng compatibility and mutual certification testing. By leveraging the advantages of the ARM architecture, PieCloudDB can provide users with outstanding performance and reliability. 

  • Added Subscription Service 

PieCloudDB Cloud on Cloud version introduces a subscription service that enables users to create new yearly/monthly billing data warehouses or convert the billing mode of existing pay-as-you-go data warehouses to yearly/monthly plans. Additionally, automatic renewal will be supported.  

  • Database Function Optimization 

PieCloudDB Cloud on Cloud version has undergone comprehensive optimization of its database functionality. It includes the addition of a database list, schema list, and tables, views, and functions lists. Furthermore, it integrates detailed information about the database objects. 

Part 2: Recent News on OpenPie

  • PieCloudDB 3.0 Officially Released 

On March 14, OpenPie 2024 Strategy and New Product Launch Event concluded successfully at the Shanghai International Conference Center. Ray Von, founder and CEO of OpenPie, launched the cloud-native virtual data warehouse PieCloudDB V3.0, and shared the latest achievements of data warehouse virtualization technology and its best practices in the data element industry. 

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  • OpenPie was Invited to Participate in Postgres Conference 2024 

On April 17, Postgres Conference 2024 will be held in the United States. OpenPie will be a sponsor and invited to participate in this event. PieCloudDB technical expert Richard Guo will deliver a breakout session at the conference. 

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  • PieCloudVector Empowers the AIGC Application Upgrade of Soochow Securities 

OpenPie’s vector database PieCloudVector realizes the seamless combination of large models and private domain data, supports the classification, deduplication and cleaning of massive data in the training phase of large models, supports multiple index types and mainstream retrieval algorithms, and helps Soochow Xiucai GPT large models build an AIGC application platform. 

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  • OpenPie and Zhejiang Pingshu held a cooperation signing ceremony 

On March 14th, OpenPie and Zhejiang PingShu held a signing ceremony for their cooperative development of government data service products at the Shanghai International Convention Center. The two parties will deeply integrate application and technology to develop an innovative cloud-native data resource management platform, aiming to unleash greater value from data elements. 


Part 3: Hot Topics in the Database Industry 


  • SuperComputing Network Officially Launched  

On April 11th, the National SuperComputing Network officially launched, connecting numerous supercomputing centers across the country. This integration forms an integrated network and service platform for supercomputing capabilities. It aims to alleviate the current contradiction between supply and demand for computing power, accelerate the development of new quality productive forces, and provide solid support for the construction of a digital China and the development of the digital economy. 


  • Remembering Simon Riggs 

Simon Riggs, the main contributor to PostgreSQL, died in a private plane crash on March 26, 2024. Simon Riggs is one of the 47 major contributors to the PostgreSQL kernel and has contributed a number of extremely critical features to the PG kernel. 


  • Start Using ChatGPT Instantly 

On April 1st, OpenAI announced that users would now be able to access and utilize ChatGPT directly without requiring registration for the service. This decision opens up the opportunity for over 100 million users across 185 countries and regions to use ChatGPT for learning new things, seeking creative inspiration. 

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