Expanding Global Influence: OpenPie is Invited to Postgres Conference US 2024
APRIL 16TH, 2024

Postgres Conference 2024 is going to be held on April 17th at the Hilton San Jose, United States. As a leading high-tech innovation company in China and a strong advocates for open-source technology, OpenPie is invited and will be a virtual sponsor for this event.

OpenPie Will Participate in This Event as a Sponsor

PieCloudDB Database technical expert, Richard Guo from OpenPie, has been invited to deliver a breakout session at the conference  with the theme "A high-level introduction to the query planner in PostgreSQL." In this presentation, Richard will provide a detailed analysis of the four stages of the query planner: preprocessing, scan/join planning, post scan/join planning and postprocessing. Richard will dive into the execution details and working principles of each stage. 

Richard Guo was Invited to Deliver a Breakout Session

Since its inaugural event 16 years ago, Postgres Conference has maintained a reputation for delivering high-quality content that resonates with database enthusiasts worldwide. The conference attracts a diverse audience, including developers, DBAs, and university professors. As an annual gathering of technology enthusiasts, the conference committee carefully selects numerous speaking topics that offer excellent content and cover a wide range of subjects such as database management, performance tuning, data security, technical details and implementation. This ensures a rich and varied program that caters to the interests of global database technology enthusiasts, creating a true feast of technical knowledge. 

OpenPie boasts a world-class team rooted in China, and in recent years, it has cultivated a strong international influence through numerous achievements. Leveraging their formidable technical capabilities, OpenPie actively contributes to the development of products and ecosystem within the PostgreSQL international community, with a focus on delivering high-quality, high-quantity code contributions and fostering a positive impact on the community. 

As early as 2018, Ray Von, the founder and CEO of OpenPie, was appointed as a member of the International Consultant Committee of China PostgreSQL Association of COPU(China OSS Promotion Union), alongside international experts such as Joshua D. Drake, Oleg Bartunov, Bruce Momjian, and Michael Meskes. In the upcoming Postgres Conference 2024, Ray Von will continue to represent the International Consultant Committee and participate in the event. 

Ray Von was Appointed as a Member of The International Consultant Committee

Richard Guo has been recognized as one of the primary contributors to PostgreSQL code for two consecutive years, earning official recognition from the international PostgreSQL community. He is now officially acknowledged as one of only two PostgreSQL contributors from China. In addition to the PostgreSQL community, Lots of OpenPie development engineers  has been actively contributed code and participate in various open-source communities, including Clickhouse, Kubernetes, Spark, and more. 

Numerous Achievements From OpenPie

In the future, OpenPie will continue to dive into the field of data, strengthening our core technological capabilities while expanding its international influence with formidable technical prowess. Furthermore, wee will closely collaborate with industry and ecosystem partners to explore the best practices in data computation. 

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