PieCloudDB Database: Products, Community and Database Industry Latest Updates

Part 1: Latest Updates on PieCloudDB Database

  • PieCloudDB Launches New Version of Community Edition 


On November 14, PieCloudDB was upgraded again and launched a new version of the community edition, which is free for users to download. The new version will support both single-machine and multi-node deployment. Welcome to try it out! 

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  • Added Compaction Function 

PieCloudDB has a new compaction function that supports the VACUUM COMPACT command to merge small data files of specified tables into data files of specified size to reduce the number of small files, thereby helping to improve query response time and reduce remote storage usage overhead. 


  • Added Metadata Tracking Log and Metadata Caching Function 


PieCloudDB adds metadata tracking logs and metadata caching functions, which can reduce the load on metadata storage nodes and improve query response speed. 

  • New Configuration Parameters 


PieCloudDB adds the configuration parameter pdb_janm_enable_disk_cache, which is used to control the turning on (ON) and turning off (OFF) of the local block storage cache function. 


  • Comprehensive Upgrade of Data Computing Platform Interface 


The PieCloudDB Cloud on Cloud version data computing platform interface has been fully upgraded, with significant updates in UI/UX design, color, layout, etc. 

  • Data Computing Platform Adds Usage Statistics Function 

The PieCloudDB Cloud on Cloud version data computing platform has a new usage statistics function, which can display statistics on storage, computing resource usage and egress traffic. Users can go to the menu bar and click Usage to query relevant data.


  • New Tickets Function Added to the Console 


PieCloudDB Cloud on Cloud version has a new tickets function. Users can log in to the console to access "Tickets" to create and manage ticket, ask questions and give feedback. 

  • Console Login Logic Optimization 


The login logic of the PieCloudDB Cloud on Cloud version console has been optimized. Now, if the organization is in arrears or has closed the data warehouse after the trial has expired, it can still log in to the console. 


Part 2: Recent News on OpenPie 


  • OpenPie's 2023 Annual Technology Forum Concluded Successfully 


On October 24, the 2023 OpenPie Annual Technology Forum was held in Shanghai. OpenPie officially released the "Large Model Data Computing System" πDataCS. 

  • Entering the Ranks of National High-tech Enterprises 


The Office of the National High-tech Enterprise Recognition Management Leading Group announced the list of high-tech enterprises certified and reported by the Zhejiang Provincial Certification Agency in 2023. OpenPie successfully passed the certification and officially entered the ranks of national high-tech enterprises. 


  • Won the 2023 IT168 Technology Excellence Award 


On December 15, the well-known IT information technology portal IT168 officially announced the results of the "2023 Technical Excellence Award". OpenPie won the 2023 Technical Excellence Award with its independently developed large model data computing system "πDataCS". 

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  • Organized/Participated in Multiple Community Events 


The PieCloudDB community has recently held a number of community activities to actively build a more active community ecosystem: 


➢ Jointly held the "Discussing the Future Trends of Domestic Databases" technology salon with the PostgreSQL China Community and the PolarDB open source community; 


➢ Appear at the PostgresConf.CN 2023 and the OpenAnolis Conference(OAC) 2023 to promote ecological cooperation; 


➢ Cooperate with Southern University of Science and Technology and ShanghaiTech University to promote the integration of IUR(Industry-University-Research);


➢ Participate in online technical exchanges organized by ITPUB and OSCHINA to share practical experience. 


Part 3: Hot Topics in the Database Industry 


  • Database in 2023: A Year in Review 


CMU's renowned database professor Andy Pvalo looks back at 2023 for databases, covering the development of vector databases, improvements to SQL, the US Aviation Administration's grounding of all domestic flights, database investments, the most expensive password change ever, and other hot topics. 


  • PostgreSQL Won the DBMS of the Year 2023 


DB-Engines published an article on January 2, 2024, claiming that PostgreSQL won the title of Database Management System of the Year in 2023. 


  • Garter Released 2023 Global "Magic Quadrant for Cloud Database Management Systems" Report 


On January 3, 2024, Gartner released the 2023 global "Magic Quadrant for Cloud Database Management Systems" report, predicting that the global database market will exceed $100 billion for the first time, with cloud databases accounting for 55%. 


  • OpenAI: GPT Store Officially Launched, GPT-5 Will Shocking the World 

On January 10, OpenAI announced the official launch of the GPT store. The online platform provides an easy-to-use interface that allows anyone to build custom GPTs without any coding experience. In addition, Sam Altman revealed the new features of the upcoming GPT-5: multi-modal capabilities, stronger reasoning capabilities, and personalized customization capabilities. 

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