OpenPie Receives 2023 Technology Excellence Award for Outstanding Achievements
JANUARY 04TH, 2024

Recently, IT168, a well-known IT information technology portal, officially announced the selection results of the "2023 Technology Excellence Award". OpenPie won the 2023 Technology Excellence Award with its independently developed large model data computing system "πDataCS". 

OpenPie's winning of the annual Technology Excellence Award this time is the result of multiple recognitions from the market, media, and community, which fully affirms OpenPie's technology research and development strength and product innovation capabilities. The awards selected by IT168 are jointly reviewed by industry CIO/CTO leaders, technical experts and IT media. The judging criteria represent the voices of users and media. Since 2004, the "Technology Excellence Award" has been selected for 19 years. As a benchmark selection in the field of enterprise information technology, the "Technology Excellence Award" has not only become synonymous with technological innovation, but has also been deeply integrated with industry applications. 

OpenPie Won the 2023 Technology Excellence Award

As large model technology matures, industry large models are deeply embedded in users' actual business needs, empowering the intelligent upgrading of thousands of industries. Under this background, the underlying information technology, carried by artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, databases, etc., bursts out with new vitality and promotes high-quality economic development through more innovative technologies, products and solutions. 

OpenPie's large model data computing system "πDataCS" reconstructs data storage and computing based on cloud native technology and supports three major computing engines: cloud native virtual data warehouse PieCloudDB Database, cloud native vector database PieCloudVector, and cloud native large model machine learning engine PieCloudML , realizing "One Storage, Multiple Engine data Computing", allowing large model technology to fully empower industry AI scenario applications, creating greater business value for enterprises, becoming the basic technology base of AI, and opening a new paradigm of AI technology.  

πDataCS is designed to help users solve the storage and real-time computing problems of massive data. It has the ability to integrate lakes and warehouses, has a flexible and scalable plug-in engine, and has fewer but better components (All in One), which can easily cope with various scenarios, and is also compatible with Spark, Flink and other computing tasks, retaining users’ usage habits. It has a complete ecosystem, supports mainstream development languages ​​and data science tools, supports multi-modal data processing (structured, semi-structured and unstructured), provides standard SQL interfaces and APIs, and can handle various complex scenarios data processing. 

Receiving the IT168 Technology Excellence Award this time represents the industry authority’s recognition of OpenPie’s technical strength. In the future, OpenPie will continue to adhere to technological innovation, improve the core competitiveness of its products, and provide users with better products and professional services. 

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