Giving Back to Alma Mater: OpenPie Supports Carnegie Mellon University and Global Sustainable Development Innovation


CMU Shanghai Alumni Association Holds "Giving CMU Day" Theme Event


On the occasion of Thanksgiving, the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Shanghai Alumni Association held the "Giving CMU Day" themed event. During this event, Ray Von, Chairman of the CMU Shanghai Alumni Association, Founder and CEO of OpenPie, and Initiator of the 1024 Digital Industry Foundation, represented OpenPie in donating to the CMU Sustainable Development Fund. This donation aims to support CMU's efforts in global sustainable development innovation and talent cultivation. Additionally, any donations made to CMU through the Shanghai Alumni Association will be matched by OpenPie on a 1:1 basis for the CMU Sustainable Development Fund. Ray Von expressed that leading impactful research and education in computer science, driving advancements in the field, and nurturing the next generation of leaders has been his long-standing commitment. It is this commitment that led to the establishment of OpenPie in 2021, with the mission of "Data Computing for New Discoveries" and the vision to create a world-class innovation-driven institution in the field of foundational data computing based in China.

Image: Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Shanghai Alumni Association.


"If Peking University is where my dreams began, then CMU is the cradle of my aspirations. I am incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to study and pursue further education at these two world-renowned institutions, which have benefited me for a lifetime," said Ray Von in a previous interview. "Herbert Simon, utilizing symbols to represent input signals and employing a computational model defined on Turing machines to simulate human intelligence, established the renowned CMU School of Computer Science and pioneered artificial intelligence. Excellence and impact are at the core of CMU's mission and reputation. Now, while running OpenPie, I also provide long-term support to organizations like the 1024 Digital Industry Foundation and the CMU Shanghai Alumni Association, hoping to give back to my alma mater and society as much as I can."


Image: Ray Von, Chairman of the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Shanghai Alumni Association, Founder and CEO of OpenPie, and Initiator of the 1024 Digital Industry Foundation, sharing on-site.


Regarding this donation, Ray Von also stated that social welfare is not only his personal responsibility, but OpenPie will always adhere to the original intention of "Digital Goodness" and actively undertake social welfare and social responsibility in the digital transformation of enterprises, contributing positive forces to the construction of a sustainable society.


Image: On-site photo of the event.


As one of the few Day-1 unicorns in the domestic high-tech field, OpenPie has created the innovative eMPP distributed cloud-native analytical database, PieCloudDB. OpenPie boasts a globally scarce research and development team composed of highly talented individuals with master's and doctoral degrees from prestigious institutions at home and abroad. They possess top-notch capabilities in database kernel development, along with a management team that has successful listing experience. OpenPie is dedicated to establishing the cutting-edge standards for the next-generation cloud-native data platform in the era of digital nativity. By leveraging breakthrough computational theories, original cloud-native flagship database products, advanced algorithms, and mathematical models, OpenPie drives enterprises to achieve continuous advancement from being "software companies" to "data companies" and ultimately to "mathematics companies." OpenPie accelerates digital transformation and upgrade while taking on the reliable and controllable role of a world-class cloud database foundation in the context of new infrastructure development.

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