Once again on the list | Ray Von Honored as “2022 China's Business Leader in Intelligent Manufacturing”


PieCloudDB: OpenPie's Innovative eMPP Distributed Cloud-Native Analytical Database Recognized as a Promising Local Innovation for Overtaking Competitors


Recently, the "2022 Intelligent Manufacturing China Summit" hosted by Digital Business Times, a subsidiary of Data Commerce Media, successfully concluded. Ray Von, the founder and CEO of OpenPie, was honored as the "2022 Intelligent Manufacturing Chinese Business Leader." He previously received this honor in 2018 when he was the Executive Director and General Manager of the R&D Center at Pivotal China, the leading PaaS cloud company in China. Now, after four years, Ray Von, as the founder of a Chinese local technology innovation company, has led his team to create the new eMPP distributed technology cloud-native analytical database, "PieCloudDB" (πCloudDB), which is recognized by the industry as the most likely local innovation hotspot to achieve overtaking on the curve.

Image: 2022 Annual List of China's Business Leaders in Intelligent Manufacturing.


As an annual event, the "Intelligent Manufacturing China Business Leader" award aims to promote outstanding business leaders who can provide the right business concepts, market insights, technological trends, and application prospects for China's IT industry and enterprise-level user market, thereby offering ideas and pathways for digitalization and standardization of Chinese businesses. After nearly four months of selection, voting, and final evaluation, more than ten outstanding business leaders who have leveraged technology to drive digital transformation in enterprises were chosen. The organizers stated that the awardees of this year have achieved remarkable accomplishments in the past year and played a significant role in promoting the development of the entire Chinese economy.


As one of the top ten business leaders representing this year, Ray Von was invited to attend the summit. Through a live connection, he shared insights on topics such as digitalization, business innovation, and social responsibility. Ray Von expressed that the establishment of OpenPie is not only the implementation of his "Digitalization Trilogy" theory but also a continuation of his unfinished mission during his time at Pivotal. He has taken the groundbreaking innovation of the open-source Greenplum database, which he led for over ten years, to the cloud-native database, PieCloudDB. This has resulted in the creation of a new eMPP distributed technology that drives enterprises to advance continuously from being a "software company" to a "data company" and further to a "mathematics company," utilizing breakthrough computational theories, original cloud-native flagship products, and algorithms and mathematical models. He aims to build PieCloudDB as a reliable and controllable cloud database foundation in the era of cloud computing 2.0 while also nurturing an exploration force in the field of data computation from China that has a global impact.


Image: Ray Von, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of OpenPie.


Ray Von mentioned, "As a world manufacturing power, China has a long way to go, and a crucial direction is the digital transformation and upgrading. OpenPie has a profound understanding and practical experience in the digital transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises. In the future, OpenPie will engage in in-depth discussions with more manufacturing enterprises, empower various industries and fields, including the manufacturing industry, help enterprises establish competitive barriers, and truly deliver on the promise of big data. Finally, Ray Von shared the original intention behind the establishment of the 1024 Digital Industry Foundation. The 1024 Digital Industry Foundation is a non-profit sister organization that OpenPie has long supported. As the initiator of the foundation, he hopes to popularize digital technology to everyone through the foundation. While adhering to innovation, he will always uphold the concept of "digitally benevolent," providing a complete pathway for society in terms of new employment, reemployment, and high-quality employment, enabling more people to share the benefits of digitalization and participate in the digital economy, and improving social productivity."

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