OpenPie listed as one of the 20 Emerging Global Tech Brands from China to Watch in 2022

JUNE 30TH, 2022

Empowering Enterprises to Maximize Data Value and Create New Advantages for High-Quality Development


Recently, EqualOcean compiled a list of 20 emerging global tech brands originating from China that are worth paying attention to in 2022. OpenPie, also known as "拓数派" in Chinese, has emerged as a leader in the field of data computing on a global scale.

OpenPie, also known as "Data Computing for New Discoveries," is a world-class innovation-driven organization in the field of foundational data computing in China. Its mission is to establish the cutting-edge standards for the next-generation cloud-native data platform by applying breakthrough innovation theories, original cloud-native database flagship products, and algorithms and mathematical models, thus driving enterprises to continuously advance from "software companies" to "data companies" and further to "mathematics companies," accelerating digital transformation and upgrading.


OpenPie gained significant attention from the industry since its inception. Its cloud-native database, PieCloudDB, has redefined PostgreSQL 12.X to achieve storage-compute separation and created a new elastic Massive Parallel Processing (eMPP) distributed technology. By building a new data computing platform with a cloud-native, analytics-oriented distributed database as its core, OpenPie empowers enterprises to maximize the value of their data, create new advantages for high-quality development, and provide a reliable and controllable world-class cloud database foundation in new infrastructure projects.


Since 2021, OpenPie has been a long-term supporter of two non-profit sister organizations: the 1024 Digital Industry Foundation and the Carnegie Mellon University Shanghai Alum Network. Together, they provide a complete pathway for society in terms of new employment, reemployment, and high-quality employment. From learning cloud-native app development in paired programming communities to data analysis and artificial intelligence in cloud database communities, and exploring breakthroughs in next-generation mathematical intelligence with the top mathematicians and computer scientists in the CMU community, OpenPie's digital ecosystem community has demonstrated its tremendous potential.


In the future, OpenPie will continue to uphold the initial vision of "Digital Goodness," actively fulfill corporate social responsibilities, and carry out its philanthropic mission. While developing the cloud-native database PieCloudDB, OpenPie will lead with technological innovation, accelerate the improvement of talent cultivation mechanisms, and promote the globalization process of enterprises. It is believed that technology companies originating from China will better serve the global market, tell the story of China, and assume the responsibility of a community with a shared future for humanity.

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