OpenPie Officially Releases Domestic Integrated Hardware and Software All-in-One for eMPP Computing and Storage Separation


Recently, OpenPie announced the official release of an integrated hardware and software all-in-one based on eMPP distributed technology for computing and storage separation. This development fully supports the domestic innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, marking the comprehensive commercialization of domestic integrated hardware and software all-in-one by OpenPie.


Ray Von, the founder and CEO of OpenPie, formerly served as the founder and general manager of Pivotal (China). In October of last year, Ray Von announced OpenPie's strategy for domestic integrated hardware and software all-in-one products. He was extensively involved in the design of the Greenplum GBB all-in-one machine and possessed deep knowledge of the all-in-one machine market and user demands. Ray Von stated, "We have observed that domestic hardware is flourishing in China. Within client companies, there may be dozens of hardware combination environments. Some enterprises have yet to complete the verification, assembly, and testing of the diverse domestic hardware. In light of this, OpenPie aims to provide enterprises with our validated environments through pre-installed combinations of domestic hardware and software. This will offer client companies more comprehensive and efficient data warehousing solutions while ensuring compatibility with domestically manufactured hardware."

 Image: Pre-installed combination of domestic hardware and software for storage and computing separation by OpenPie.


OpenPie's integrated hardware and software all-in-one solution features the pre-installation of their native cloud-native database, PieCloudDB, on domestic hardware. It includes configuration, optimization, and operation, and also offers disaster recovery solutions in collaboration with partner companies, tailored to the needs of enterprise users. The technology is fully self-developed and controllable.


Distinguished from MPP architecture all-in-one machines like Teradata and Greenplum GBB, the new generation all-in-one machine introduced by OpenPie's team utilizes groundbreaking cloud-native eMPP distributed technology, enabling computing and storage separation. The upper layer consists of compute servers, while the lower layer consists of storage servers. Storage and computation can be independently scaled, allowing for separate expansion. This represents an upgraded choice for PC architecture all-in-one machines like Teradata in most data warehousing scenarios. It drives the development of domestic integrated hardware and software all-in-one solutions into a new phase based on cloud-native computing and storage separation.

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