OpenPie Honored with the '2022 Best Practice in HR Digitalization' Award

JANUARY 11TH, 2023

Recently, OpenPie was honored with the "2022 Best Practice in HR Digitalization" award at the Chinese HR "Stellar" Awards. As a driving force in the global cloud-based data computing field, OpenPie has been deeply committed to cultivating corporate culture and values over the past year, adhering to the concept of "people-oriented, innovation-driven." They have built a globally scarce research and development team composed of talented individuals with master's and doctoral degrees from prestigious universities worldwide, possessing top-notch international database kernel research and development capabilities. Additionally, they have established the robust cloud-native eMPP database, PieCloudDB. Throughout the company's growth, OpenPie has spared no effort in providing a platform and pathway for talent to become industry stars.


In the era of digital transformation, companies are leveraging tools to replace manual work and improve efficiency, and the field of human resources is no exception. It is essential to establish a digital HR management system to enhance work efficiency. The 2022 Chinese HR "Stellar" Awards, organized by Moka, aims to promote the development of the HR industry and continuously provide value to society. OpenPie stood out among thousands of companies due to its outstanding achievements in the digital transformation of various HR modules and was recognized as the best HR digital transformation company.


Ray Von, the founder and CEO of OpenPie, expressed his gratitude, saying, "We are honored to receive this accolade, which is a recognition of OpenPie's HR system and greatly inspires us. In this competitive era, talent is the primary driving force for business development. At OpenPie, we consider talent as our most valuable asset and consistently provide a suitable 'stage' for them. We continuously unleash the potential and innovative passion of our talent, adhering to the principles of 'Play hard, Think hard, Work smart,' and strive to cultivate a world-class innovation team. In the future, we will continue to foster and practice OpenPie's values, achieving sustainable development goals for the company and fulfilling our commitment to society."


Wu Bei, the HR representative of OpenPie, expressed her gratitude, saying, "We appreciate the recognition from the organizing committee for OpenPie. People-oriented is one of the core values of OpenPie. HR digitalization not only helps us enhance the user experience for internal employees and external candidates but also frees HR from repetitive tasks, enabling them to engage in more meaningful and imaginative work. We are committed to creating an open, diverse, equal, and inclusive working environment for employees, providing a platform for them to fully demonstrate their talents. In the future, we will continue to uphold the Silicon Valley innovation culture and fulfill our social responsibility through initiatives like digital public welfare. We will continuously promote the digital upgrade in the field of HR, improve employee experience, and ensure that every employee at OpenPie is respected and able to realize their value."


The path of exploration begins with a mission and is achieved through perseverance and loyalty to the spirit... In 2023, OpenPie will continue to intensify talent development and recruitment efforts, drive ongoing innovation, and elevate organizational and cultural development, and lead the database industry's progress, collectively creating unlimited possibilities in the field of cloud-based data computing.

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