OpenPie Launches New Generation Cloud-Native Virtual Data Warehouse

MARCH 15TH, 2023

On March 14, 2023, the "Infinite Possibilities" strategy and new product launch conference of OpenPie was successfully concluded in Shanghai. Founder and CEO of OpenPie, Ray Von, announced the brand new PieCloudDB 「Cloud on Cloud」 version, based on the new generation of cloud-native data warehouse virtualization technology. The event was attended by OpenPie COO Brian Lu, CTO Paul Guo, Dr. Xi Pingjian, Co-Managing Director of Shoochow Securities Investment Banking Department, Zhang Wenmin, Partner of Oriza Prior, Peng Yaxiong, Senior Product Expert of AliCloud Intelligence, Cao Zengxuan, Senior Architect of Amazon Web Services, Dr. Ren Ruyi, among other heavyweight guests and industry experts, which attracted the participation of many authoritative media outlets.


Image: Photo from the event.


Data Warehouse Virtualization Technology Leads the Arrival of the Data Computing Era


After nearly a million lines of code were rewritten, numerous tests and iterations, OpenPie has successfully launched its new virtual data warehouse PieCloudDB "Cloud on Cloud" version (CoC: Cloud on Cloud) based on China's new generation of cloud-native data warehouse virtualization technology. Founder and CEO of OpenPie, Ray Von, shared the industry trends and OpenPie's development strategy for 2023 with attendees in his keynote speech. He also put forward the innovative concept of data warehouse virtualization technology for the first time. He said: "The Pareto improvement brought by virtualization technology has had a profound impact on the industry, especially server virtualization technology, which has led to the arrival of the cloud computing era and helped companies reduce server hardware costs and improve operational efficiency. As a pioneer in cloud data and data computing, OpenPie's flagship product PieCloudDB, built based on data warehouse virtualization, reuses the abstract thinking and design principles of the top databases in the industry as its technical route, achieving virtualization of analytical data warehouses on the cloud. We believe that data warehouse virtualization will lead the arrival of the data computing era and drive enterprises to continuously advance from 'software companies' to 'data companies' and finally to 'mathematics companies'."


Regarding OpenPie's strategic layout, Ray emphasized three points. Firstly, the talent development strategy. He pointed out that talent is OpenPie's top resource. Only by driving innovation and development with talents can the company maintain its vitality and competitiveness. At present, OpenPie has a research and development team composed of high-achieving graduates from prestigious schools both domestically and abroad, with the ability to develop international top-level database kernels. We hope that every employee at OpenPie can feel a sense of achievement and become the next-generation industry leader. This is also the core of OpenPie's talent view. Secondly, OpenPie aims to build a co-creation and win-win ecological system. In the future, OpenPie will focus on creating product ecology, community ecology, and business ecology based on PieCloudDB, striving to empower various industries with "data computing" and create greater value for enterprises and society. Finally, Ray Von mentioned OpenPie's social responsibility. He said that OpenPie always adheres to the original intention of "digital benevolence" and actively undertakes social welfare and social responsibility in the digital transformation of enterprises. OpenPie has long supported two non-profit sister organizations, the 1024 Digital Industry Foundation and the Carnegie Mellon University Shanghai Alumni Association (CMU). In the future, OpenPie is willing to explore breakthroughs in the next generation of mathematical intelligence together with the government and partners, help innovate and develop new business models and digital economic development, and jointly contribute to the transformation and upgrading of China's database industry!


 Image: Founder and CEO of OpenPie, Ray Von.


Ray Von stated: "The new generation of cloud-native data warehouse virtualization technology can unify multiple data warehouses into a high-availability cloud virtual data warehouse, connect multi-cloud data pipelines, and enable data computing resources to expand or contract as needed. This enhances the agility and elasticity of data warehouses, helping companies reduce complexity in managing data warehouses, achieve an increase in the order of magnitude of computable data space, and reduce data warehouse costs in the order of magnitude, opening up unlimited data computing space and promoting AI/BI to the next level of precision." With its eMPP distributed patent technology, server-unawareness, and TDE, PieCloudDB creates a high-security, high-reliability, and high-online cloud-native virtual data warehouse for companies, empowering them to maximize the value of their data and become the last line of defense in the digital world.


Finally, Ray Von said: "At present, OpenPie's product matrix and services are increasingly perfect. The PieCloudDB Cloud on Cloud version builds a rock-solid virtual data warehouse for enterprises, realizing unlimited data computing possibilities by optimizing cloud resources; The PieCloudDB enterprise edition and community edition can provide enterprises with new digital solutions based on cloud data warehousing, helping enterprises establish a competitive barrier centered on data assets; The PieCloudDB domestic software and hardware integrated machine adopts eMPP patent technology to realize storage and calculation separation, adapts to the Inspur environment, reduces operation and maintenance costs for the first-party enterprise, and saves development time. In the future, OpenPie will continue to deepen its research and development innovation, adhere to the dual-drive of products and markets, and work together to achieve sustainable development for companies."


PieCloudDB, the exemplar of the next generation AI data computing infrastructure


During the new product release session, OpenPie's CTO Paul Guo elaborated on the high-security, high-online, and high-reliability characteristics of PieCloudDB's "Cloud on Cloud" version from a product design perspective. He said: "The TDE technology used in PieCloudDB ensures that all data is encrypted before being written to disk. The serverless technology utilizes unlimited cloud computing resources and elasticity to ensure that the virtual data warehouse is always available online. S3 storage and cross-cloud disaster recovery capabilities ensure that data is never lost, truly achieving 「rock-solid」 reliability." In addition, the core value of the PieCloudDB "Cloud on Cloud" version is also reflected in the following two aspects:


1. Reduce data warehouse hardware and management costs: Multiple data warehouses are merged into a cloud virtual data warehouse, breaking down data silos in traditional data warehouse scenarios and solving the problem of multiple copies of data. This helps companies reduce the complexity of managing data warehouses and achieve more flexible configuration of storage and computing resources at a lower cost in the cloud.

2. Improve the utilization efficiency of data computing resources: Data computing resources can expand or contract as needed, realizing optimal configuration of computing resources, enhancing the agility and elasticity of data warehouses, opening up unlimited data computing space, empowering business development and moving towards green computing.


Image: CTO of OpenPie, Paul Guo.


During the sharing session, Paul Guo also emphasized on the four core technology architectures and advantages of PieCloudDB's data warehouse virtualization:


1. Cloud-native storage and computing separation architecture: Using a three-layer architecture of metadata-compute-data separation to achieve independent management of cloud storage resources and computing resources. Cloud computing resources can be elastically allocated and started on-demand when there are query compute tasks, calculating costs according to usage time and scale.


2. eMPP distributed patent technology: On the cloud, PieCloudDB uses the eMPP (elastic Massive Parallel Processing) architecture to achieve concurrent task execution across multiple clusters. Enterprises can flexibly adjust scaling according to changes in workload, easily coping with PB-level massive data.


3. New storage "Jianmo" and cache architecture design: In the computing layer, each computing node is designed with multi-level cache structure for metadata and user data, avoiding network latency and data movement, improving computing efficiency, and ensuring real-time requirements for users. PieCloudDB has designed an efficient file format for underlying object storage that can improve computing efficiency while saving network requests.


4. New optimizer "Daqi": PieCloudDB can generate statistics more intelligently and efficiently and generate more efficient query plans. The Daqi optimizer supports advanced features such as aggregation pushdown, pre-calculation, block skipping, fully meeting various complex analytical query needs.


Image: Product Manager of OpenPie, Marco Huang.


As the product manager of PieCloudDB's "Cloud on Cloud" version, Marco Huang demonstrated the complete product operation process on-site, bringing new usage scenarios and product experience to users. He said, "In the future, OpenPie will achieve more innovative breakthroughs in cloud data and data computing fields, and our data science and digital transformation team will empower users from a product service and solution level."


OpenPie officially launched its public cloud data warehouse service based on AliCloud


As one of the important parts of this release event, OpenPie announced the official launch of its public cloud data warehouse service based on AliCloud, which will meet users' diverse data analysis needs and create the best practices for public cloud data warehouses. AliCloud Senior Product Expert Peng Yaxiong, AliCloud Intelligent Solution Architect Dang Yuehao, OpenPie COO Brian Lu, and OpenPie CTO Paul Guo attended the launch ceremony. Both parties expressed that they will deepen cooperation around the PieCloudDB product and work together to create value for users and the industry. On-site, AliCloud Senior Product Expert Peng Yaxiong gave a sharing entitled "Accelerating Data Analysis with Cloud Storage Engines to Boost Business Innovation." He mentioned that cloud storage, as a data infrastructure, will become an acceleration engine for analysis and processing. AliCloud looks forward to working with partners to jointly prosper the data ecosystem.


 Image: Launch ceremony photo.


On-site, AliCloud Senior Product Expert Peng Yaxiong gave a sharing entitled "Accelerating Data Analysis with Cloud Storage Engines to Boost Business Innovation." He mentioned that cloud storage, as a data infrastructure, will become an acceleration engine for analysis and processing. AliCloud looks forward to working with partners to jointly prosper the data ecosystem. The launch ceremony was held with the attendance of AliCloud Senior Product Expert Peng Yaxiong, AliCloud Intelligent Solution Architect Dang Yuehao, OpenPie COO Brian Lu, and OpenPie CTO Paul Guo, symbolizing the deep cooperation between the two parties and their commitment to creating value for users and the industry.


 Image: Photo of the guest speaker from AliCloud.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) senior architect Cao Zengxuan shared the success stories of leading global database companies and AWS's database innovations with the guests on-site. Looking back on the development history of cloud databases, he pointed out that successful cloud databases need to have five major characteristics: easy-to-use, secure, low-cost, high-performance, and comprehensive ecosystem. He also provided insights on the future development of cloud databases.


 Image: Photo of the guest speaker from AWS.


Dr. Ren Ruyi from FinShine gave a presentation on "Intelligent Driving R&D Operations Integrated Cloud Construction," introducing the capabilities of FinShine's Data Middle Platform architecture and integrated intelligent driving cloud architecture. FinShine is a digital technology company established by SAIC Group in 2017. It empowers digital transformation internally and outputs full-stack digital technology products and services externally, with the mission of "dissolving industry boundaries and unleashing data value," promoting industrial digitization and digital industrialization, and promoting the integration of production and research with data.


 Image: Photo of the guest speaker from FinShine.


After more than a year of rapid development, OpenPie has been racing against time to adhere to its original intention of creating innovative and ultimate products, adhering to the concept of "Big Data Promises Finally Come True," constantly creating value for customers and partners, and promoting the industry's reform.

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