OpenPie's Collaboration With The OpenCloudOS Open Source Operating System Community: Cultivating a Thriving Data Ecosystem
JANUARY 12TH, 2024

Recently, OpenPie signed CLA (Contributor License Agreement) and officially joined the OpenCloudOS operating system open source community. 

OpenPie is a high-tech innovative enterprise in the field of basic data computing in China. As a leader in the field of domestic cloud databases and data computing, with the mission of "Data Computing for New Discoveries", OpenPie are committed to using breakthrough computing theory and original cloud-native technology in the digital native era. The flagship database product and the algorithms and mathematical models on it establish cutting-edge standards for the next generation of cloud-native data platforms, driving enterprises to achieve continuous advancement from "software company" to "data company" and finally to "mathematics company", accelerating digital transformation and upgrade. 

OpenPie’s large model data computing system「πDataCS」, reconstructs data storage and computation using cloud-native technology, realizing 「One Storage, Multi-Engine Data Computing」empowering various industry AI applications with large model technology. Serving as the foundational technological base for AI, πDataCS aims to create greater business value for enterprises and initiate a new paradigm in AI technology. πDataCS addresses the challenges of storing massive data and real-time computation, featuring integrated capabilities for data lake warehousing. Users can choose suitable data computing engines based on their specific needs, including the cloud-native virtual data warehouse PieCloudDB Database, the vector computing engine PieCloudVector, and the machine learning engine PieCloudML. 

As a domestic open-source operating system community, OpenCloudOS leverages the strengths of Tencent and multiple vendors in software and open-source ecosystems. It provides solid support in cloud-native technologies, stability, performance, and hardware compatibility, and can equally and comprehensively support all hardware platforms. Currently, the OpenCloudOS operating system supports X86_64, ARM64, and RISC-V architectures, with seamless adaptation for chips such as LoongArch, FeiTeng, HYGON, Zhaoxin, and Kunpeng. With an installation base exceeding 10 million nodes, it is compatible with over 900 domestic software and hardware products and 30,000+ open-source software applications, achieving full coverage for mainstream chips, databases, and complete machines. 

Deep technical expertise and continuous innovation have enabled OpenCloudOS to undergo prolonged validation in real-world business scenarios such as social networking, gaming, financial payments, AI, security, and big data, with a node count reaching tens of millions and achieving an impressive availability of up to 99.999%. In comparison to CentOS 7 and other open-source community versions, OpenCloudOS has reduced its failure rate by over 70% and demonstrated a performance improvement of over 50% in typical business scenarios. 

The COO of OpenPie, Brian Lu, stated that OpenPie has always committed to building a thriving data ecosystem. In the future, OpenPie will closely collaborate with the OpenCloudOS community to provide users with cutting-edge technology in domestic infrastructure, catering to their diverse data analysis needs. OpenPie will spare no effort to empower various industries with "data computation" at its core, working together to create value for our customers!

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