The PieCloudDB Database Community Edition New Version is Available For Free Download NOW!

On October 24, 2023 OpenPie Annual Technology Forum successfully concluded in Shanghai. OpenPie officially launched the large model data computing system, "πDataCS," which is built on cloud-native technology, redefining data storage and computation. It reconstructs data warehouses, vector processing, machine learning, and other data computing engines, achieving a "single data storage, multiple engine data computation" paradigm. As the inaugural computing engine of πDataCS, PieCloudDB received another upgrade and introduced a brand-new community edition v2.8. 

Currently, PieCloudDB's cloud-native virtual data warehouse fully supports  Cloud-on-Cloud(CoC)edition, community edition, enterprise edition and All-in-one edition of πDataCS, including public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises deployments. This caters to various enterprise business scenarios and enables the construction of AI data foundations for industries such as finance, manufacturing, healthcare, and education. 

The newly released community edition 2.8, which will be available for users to free download. The new community edition will support two deployment modes: single-node and multi-node. This provides users with the convenience of installing and deploying quickly according to their specific scenario needs, enabling Proof of Concept (PoC), database learning, and the experience of scenarios such as data analysis and data warehousing. 

Welcome to download the community edition at 

  • Free Download, Low Cost: PieCloudDB Community Edition is available for free download, supporting both single-node and multi-node deployments. This significantly reduces users' resource costs, making private deployment experiences more accessible. With comprehensive support for SQL and full compatibility with interfaces such as JDBC, ODBC, and Postgres, it further lowers the learning cost and application development barriers for users. Different business development teams can rapidly and flexibly access data using a unified interface, boosting business development efficiency. 

  • Breakthrough in Data Warehouse Virtualization: The newly Community Edition is paired with PieCloudDB's new kernel. Users can experience PieCloudDB's cloud-native compute-storage separation architecture, eMPP (elastic Massive Parallel Processing) distributed technology, the new cloud storage foundation "JANM," and cache architecture design, as well as the new "Dutch" optimizer architecture and other data warehouse virtualization technologies for free. 

  • Visual Cloud-Native Platform: The Community Edition is integrated with PieCloudDB's cloud-native platform. With a user-friendly visual interface design, users can easily connect, create virtual data warehouses and databases, utilize computing and data resources within the data warehouse, and manage user permissions for data warehouse access. 

  • Abundant Community Resources: In conjunction with the new release, installation and deployment documents, as well as cloud-native platform guides, have been updated. Users can also scan the QR code at the bottom of this article to join the PieCloudDB technical discussion group for community support. Additionally, the PieCloudDB community empowers users through a variety of community events and content. 

Compared to edition 2.1, this new release of the Community Edition brings numerous new features, including but not limited to: 

  • Global caching system 
  • Recycle bin functionality 
  • Data Skipping optimization 
  • Improved compression efficiency 


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