PieCloudDB Database Completes Product Compatibility Testing with OpenCloudOS and TencentOS Server
MARCH 29TH, 2024

Recently, OpenPie's product cloud-native virtual data warehouse PieCloudDB Database completed mutual product compatibility certification with the open source operating system OpenCloudOS and Tencent Cloud's operating system TencentOS Server. During the test, the products of both parties ran stably and functioned normally. 

PieCloudDB Latest Compatibility Test Certificate

With the introduction of the "Data Elements x" Three-Year Action Plan, China has taken significant steps in the development of the data element market, transitioning from macro institutional arrangements to concrete actions. As a new factor of production, data has rapidly integrated into various aspects such as production, consumption, distribution, and social service management. It fully leverages the amplification, superimposition, and multiplication effects of data elements, building a digital economy with data as a key component. This is an essential requirement for promoting high-quality development. 

PieCloudDB supports trusted mobilization of data elements, truly achieving 'data usability without visibility,' enabling larger, faster, and more accurate models, and ensuring a secure state of 'No data movement, focusing on computation', releasing the value of data elements. 

As the "chief steward" of computers, the operating system effectively organizes and manages various hardware and software resources within a computer system. It also provides a stable and reliable operating environment while supporting the execution of diverse applications. Serving as a fundamental software component, the operating system plays a pivotal role as the primary driving force behind the development of the digital economy. 

The  cloud-native virtual data warehouse PieCloudDB has successfully completed compatibility certification with related products such as OpenCloudOS and TencentOS Server. This certification signifies that both parties can collaborate closely in assisting enterprises to explore application scenarios for data elements and jointly promote the comprehensive realization of data elements value. 

So far, OpenPie has successfully completed compatibility tests with over 10 industry-leading companies, including  KylinSoft, UnionTech Software, OpenCloudOS, OpenAnolis, Suma, Zhaoxin, HYGON, BoCloud, and SandStone. These tests encompass a wide range of foundational software, such as operating systems, servers, CPU, cloud platforms, and big data storage systems. 

OpenPie Completed Product Compatibility Test with Multiple Companies

OpenPie has always adhered to the philosophy of "openness, mutual trust, cooperation" and is committed to building a thriving data ecosystem. In the future, OpenPie will work closely with its ecosystem partners to provide users with cutting-edge technology in domestic infrastructure, catering to diverse data analysis needs. OpenPie will continue to focus on strategic planning within the data element industry, aiming to promote trusted mobilization of data elements, stimulate their value, and contribute to the high-quality development of digital economy.

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