Cloud-Native Virtual Data Warehouse PieCloudDB Database Newsletter June 2024
JULY 03RD, 2024

Part 1: Latest Updates on PieCloudDB Database


  • Dynamic Configuration of Query Clusters 

PieCloudDB's latest kernel V2.14.0 introduces a new feature for dynamically configuring query clusters. This feature enables scalable parallelized queries, enhancing the ability to utilize underlying resources in parallel for a single query and accelerating the response time. 


The dynamic configuration of query clusters is primarily applicable to scenarios involving a single SELECT query. The size of the query cluster can be dynamically adjusted through the parameter “pdb_parallel_factor”. 


  • Schedule Feature 

PieCloudDB's visual cloud-native platform has added a new feature for scheduled tasks. Scheduled tasks support the automatic execution of tasks at designated times or intervals, applicable for regular background tasks, report generation, garbage data cleanup, data updates, and automated operations, further facilitating database administrators and developers. 

This feature is currently available only in the Enterprise Edition

  • Data Loading Feature 

PieCloudDB's cloud-native platform has introduced a new data loading feature. Data loading supports extracting data from various databases and loading it into PieCloudDB, with the process managed and monitored through a visual cloud-native platform. Users can perform full data migration and backup with visual and refined management by configuring data sources, data flows, and job scheduling on the platform. 

This feature is currently available only in the Enterprise Edition

  • Batch Grant Privilege Feature 

PieCloudDB's cloud-native platform has optimized the database object grant feature with a new 'Batch grant privilege' option, supporting the batch granting of different privilege to multiple roles for multiple database objects, reducing user operation. 

This feature is currently available only in the Enterprise Edition

  • Data Preview Feature

PieCloudDB's cloud-native platform has added a data preview feature for tables, external tables, views, and materialized views, enhancing user experience and the flexibility of data operations. Through a visual interface, users with the relevant privilege can easily view and manage data structures, quickly and conveniently obtaining business insights. 

This feature is currently available only in the Enterprise Edition

  • PieCloudDB Added Kunpeng 920 and openEuler Compatibility Certification

PieCloudDB recently completed compatibility certification with Huawei Kunpeng 920 and the open-source operating system openEuler. This further confirms PieCloudDB's capability to support ARM systems, becoming a database that is fully compatible with both x86 and ARM architectures, and once again proving its stability and reliability on operating systems. 

Kunpeng 920 and openEuler Compatibility Certification

Part 2: Updates on OpenPie 


  • OpenPie Selected for Key Project Team of China Electricity Council's Big Data and Statistics Branch

As a member of the China Electricity Council(CEC)'s Big Data and Statistics Branch, OpenPie participated and became a key member of the Energy and Electricity Data Sharing and Trading Group and the Data Core Technology Basic Research Group. This will contribute to promoting data transactions in the energy and electricity industry and promoting the digital transformation of the electricity industry, continuously advancing the sharing of energy and electricity data resources and empowering the construction of new energy and new electricity systems. 

  • OpenPie Collaborate on Writing of the "China Database Industry Annual Analysis Report" 

As a leader in the field of data computing, OpenPie was invited to co-create the "China Database Industry Annual Analysis Report", jointly writing several chapters including "The Evolution of the Next Generation Data Warehouse in the AI Era," "From Database to Data Computing System," and "Pain Points of Traditional Data Warehouses." 

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  • OpenPie Participates in the Global Internet Architecture Conference

On May 24th and 25th, OpenPie was invited to participate in the 2024 Global Internet Architecture Conference and deliver a keynote speech titled "Design and Application of Vector Databases in the Era of LLMs" introducing the application scenarios of LLMs and the practical implementation of the cloud-native vector database PieCloudVector based on RAG.

Part 3: Hot Topics in the Database Industry 

  • Greenplum Database is archived on GitHub

The well-known open-source Big Data Platform Greenplum, known for its rich enterprise-level features and excellent data processing capabilities, has become the first choice for many enterprises to build data warehouses. Recently, Greenplum's public Github has become inaccessible, retaining read-only archived code, with all original branches, tags, pr, and issues cleared. It may indicate that Greenplum is about to close source. 


PieCloudDB, as a cloud-native virtual data warehouse under OpenPie, features high security, high availability, and high reliability, and is compatible with the PostgreSQL and Greenplum ecosystem. Welcome to learn about and try it! 


  • PostgreSQL 17 Beta1 Released

On May 23, the first Beta version of PostgreSQL 17 was released, with improvements and enhancements in various aspects such as query performance, partitioned and distributed workloads, developer experience, security features, backup and export management, and monitoring. 


For more information on other new features, please refer to the release notes:

  • Databricks Acquires Tabular for Over $1 Billion

On June 4, 2024, data analysis software giant Databricks announced the acquisition of cloud data optimization startup Tabular. Through this acquisition, Databricks aims to achieve complete interoperability between its open-source project Delta Lake and Iceberg, providing customers with more flexible data management solutions. The combination of Databricks and Tabular will help promote the development of open-source data analysis technology and may change the future landscape of data warehouses and data lakes.

  • Dameng Go Public

On June 12, 2024, WUHAN DAMENG DATABASE COMPANY LIMITED was listed on the SHANGHAI STOCK EXCHANGE Sci-Tech Innovation Board(SSE STAR Market), It soared by more than 200% at the opening, and its market value once exceeded 21 billion CNY, becoming the "first stock" in the field of China databases. This is not only an important milestone in its own development, but also marks that the China database industry has entered a new stage of development.

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