Building a Robust Product Ecosystem, PieCloudDB Database has Successfully Obtained Huawei Kunpeng Certification
MAY 10TH, 2024

With its groundbreaking technological concept and profound technical expertise, the cloud-native virtual data warehouse PieCloudDB has been deployed and applied in various scenarios such as finance, manufacturing, and healthcare. Currently, PieCloudDB not only supports x86 architecture but also possesses fully ARM compatibility, supporting mainstream domestic ARM chips. It fully leverages the advantages of the ARM architecture and provides users with outstanding performance and reliability. 

Recently, OpenPie's self-developed cloud-native virtual data warehouse, PieCloudDB, has successfully completed the compatibility testing and certification with Huawei Kunpeng 920 processors, obtaining the Huawei Kunpeng COMPATIBLE certificate. 


To further strengthen compatibility and adaptability, and empower customers to establish independent and controllable technical systems, OpenPie's PieCloudDB has completed product compatibility certification with over 10 leading domestic vendors. This certification covers multiple domains including operating systems, processors, cloud platforms, and servers. Obtaining the Kunpeng compatibility certification validates PieCloudDB's compatibility with the ARM architecture, making it a database that is fully adapted for both x86 and ARM architectures. It demonstrates comprehensive support for domestic software and hardware, providing users with more possibilities for device selection in line with their specific business requirements. 

Kunpeng 920 was independently designed by HUAWEI based on the Arm architecture. Processor performance is significantly improved by optimizing branch prediction algorithms, increasing the number of execution units, and improving the memory subsystem architecture. This achievement of obtaining Huawei Kunpeng Technology Certification is a strong recognition of PieCloudDB in terms of product performance, compatibility, security, and stability. It signifies that the product has been successfully adapted to domestic chips and operating systems, meeting the requirements for autonomy and control. 

Kunpeng 920 Processor

In the future, OpenPie will continue to deeply cultivate technological innovation, accelerate independent research and development processes, drive the continuous enhancement of service quality. We are committed to "data computing for new discoveries".

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