"Campus Pie" Series Events Offically Lauched! First Stop: Southern University of Science and Technology

The "Campus Pie" series of events by the PieCloudDB Database community has officially launched. "Campus Pie" aims to promote academic exchange in the field of databases and provide a platform for students to learn about the latest trends and relevant technological applications in the database industry. 

In the "Campus Pie", the PieCloudDB community, together with experts in the field of data technology and renowned community figures, will visit various universities across the country. They will share industry trends, cutting-edge technologies, case studies, and applications from the industry. The topics covered will include the application and practice of cloud-native database technology, the features, cases, and practices of the cloud-native virtual data warehouse product PieCloudDB, among others. Through the "Campus Pie", OpenPie aims to promote collaboration between academia, industry, and research institutions, as well as deepen students' understanding and interest in database technology. 

On November 10th, as invited by Professor Yu Wang from the School of Business at the Southern University of Science and Technology, the first event of the "Campus Pie" series took place in Professor Wang's innovative entrepreneurship thinking training class. The Southern University of Science and Technology is a highly prestigious public research university established in Shenzhen during the era of China's higher education reform and development. It has been recognized as a "Double First-Class" institution and is listed for the construction of key disciplines by the Ministry of Education of China.

Jack Wu, as Product Marketing Director at OpenPie, delivered a keynote speech titled "New Trends in the Data Industry" during the event. He shared his years of experience and professional journey in the big data industry with the students of Southern University of Science and Technology. Jack provided a detailed overview of the evolution of the data industry from RDBMS to Hadoop/NoSQL, NewSQL, and the current development trend of data lake solutions. 

During the speech, Jack Wu emphasized the advantages and technological development trends of cloud-native technology in the data industry. He showcased how OpenPie's cloud-native large model data computing platform, πDataCS, drives digital transformation for enterprises through case studies. He also discussed the product design and technical concepts of the flagship computational engine, PieCloudDB, as a cloud-native virtual data warehouse. His presentation not only broadened the students' horizons but also provided valuable guidance and insights for them to understand and participate in corporate digital transformation.

During the event, there were enthusiastic discussions and exchanges between the attending faculty, students and lecturer. The students gained a deeper understanding of the evolution and trends in the data industry. Through the "Campus Pie" series of events, the PieCloudDB community will continue to offer valuable content, supporting students' academic growth and practical experience accumulation. Looking forward to exploring, communicating, and growing together with more students who are passionate about database technology.